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Want your vacation in Bonaire?

Welcome to Kas Jato Bako and Kas Senkuria, beautiful holiday homes on the always sunny, warm and friendly island. (Radiohams: Ask about the special features)

Our bungalows:

Kas Jato Bako


Kas Senkuria

BOKAMBA, a new concept derived from the word Makamba.

In Papiamentu Makamba means ”European Dutchman”.
Dutch and Bonaireans are inextricably linked. Not surprisingly this relationship hasbrought a new kind of citizen. A ”BOKAMBA. A Dutchman who feels at home in Bonaire. And we also want you to feel at home in one of our beautiful cottages. Meanwhile the BOKAMBA Bonaire become a household name. You, as Bokamba in one of our apartments in a nice neighborhood of Bonaire can now enjoy all that Bonaire with its Bonaireans makes so special.

Bokamba bungalows:  A  whole house for the price of a small apartment!!